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Cress / Poe376's Mod Request (2) Empty Cress / Poe376's Mod Request (2)

Post by poe376 on Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:35 am

Hello! I am poe376, or "Cress". I have been on the server for a month and 9 days so far, so I decided I would try to apply for mod again for a more realistic chance.

Speaking of chances, I made a mistake that'll probably negate everything I say, but I hope people are willing to forgive me for the childish way I've acted about the situation. (Long story short, Pixelmon said I was winning a battle, but I wasn't; then I lost. Nerd rage from there on out.)

Anyway, I've made up with the victim of my rapid attack. Before this happened, people were saying that I had a good chance of becoming Moderator (including Myst). After the argument, the chances went down - A LOT. Again, I hope everyone is willing to forgive me (including you, Emilio). I really feel I could be a great moderator, or at the very least, MiniMod.

Thank you for any response,



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