How to craft a Pokeball Lid (basic)

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How to craft a Pokeball Lid (basic) Empty How to craft a Pokeball Lid (basic)

Post by Emili0n on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:43 am

Pokeball lids are part of what is needed to make a pokeball.
There a several different different recipies for different pokeballs so we will start with a basic red ball.

Firstly you will need 3 Red Apricorns.
Cook the apricorns in a furnace.
Place the 3 cooked apricorns onto a crafting table in a line.


This will give you your lids.

As with the bases, you will need to right click an anvil while holding the lid.
Hold left click on the anvil while holding a hammer until the lid is rounded.
Right click the lid and it will pop off.

You now have a Red Pokeball lid.
This can be done with other coloured apricorns so mix them up and see what you get!


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