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Shannons New Application For Mod Empty Shannons New Application For Mod

Post by shannon108 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:46 pm

(I am making another mod app as i feel my old one was not effective at all.Also i hope you dont mind that i used my own format that i believe was good to use )



Why do you want to be a Moderator?:I would like to be Moderator because im one of those people that love to look after people and help them when they are in need.I love playing pixelmon and i would love to be a role model to players on your server.

Why should we promote you to Moderator?: I believe in Professionalism, Fairness and have previous records of successful Moderation roles on various online social networking communities. Im a good person and never disrespect and i stick to being a professional player no matter what the problem is. I have respect to all players no matter who they are or what they believe in.I play minecraft everyday at an average of at least 5 hours a day.I dont start arguments with players and if players do start to disagree with me i will be the bigger person and sort it out in a mature way.

What are your skills and have ever you been a Moderator before?:I do have a lot of experience as i am [Admin] on 3 servers and which one of them has about 450-500 players on everyday.I know all the commands i would need to know and i do have experience in plugins such as worldguard and worldedit

What makes you different from the others?:I think what makes me different from other players is that im a loyal player and i stick to what i am authorized to do.I am a mature person and be very professional about what im doing.I dont abuse the powers that i am given and watch over everyone to make sure they are safe from any sort of harm

Anything thing else you want to add?: I live in New Zealand and my name is Carlos.I am 15 and im turning 16 in 2 months! I have been playing minecraft from pretty much day one. I never really used mods and stuff like that until my friend told me how cool mods were! i used mods like mo creatures and tmi but when i came across Pixelmon minecraft pretty much changed for me.It was like playing the gameboy pokemon games but in 3D

Well thankyou for taking time to read my application

Kind Regards


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